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TMC foundry is a precision investment casting and manufacturing facility, specializing in fine arts casting.

TMC foundry is a precision investment casting and manufacturing facility specializing in fine arts casting.

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TMC foundry is a precision investment casting and manufacturing facility, specializing in fine arts casting. Since her establishment in 1992, TMC has continually provided the high quality casting and finishing art work works in Bronze, Aluminum and Stainless for Artists around the world. TMC is a full service fine art casting studio, we offer a completed project solution beginning from the model creation from clients’ sketches through the use of 3D
digital service or manual modelling, molding and casting in various material, metal finishing, patina and coloration service. We also offer a packing and crating service together with the organization of shipping service to the destination that clients’ requested.

TMC maintains a group skilled modelers, designers, wax finishers and metal crafters and expert patina/coloring artisans that are capable of working together with clients to realize their ideas. TMC commitment to clients is simple: highest quality, short lead time, competitive pricing, strong and long term client relationships. These are the values that built our world class reputation and marked TMC as a leading fine art casting foundry.

At TMC, we believe that artists should be working in close relationship with the craftsman who realizing their works. Therefore, we provide the studio facility for our clients who mostly travel from a distant away. Our staffs devote their full attention to our clients’ need and cater to their requests to ensure the smooth realization of their creation.

TMC has developed trust and confidence of many leading sculptors, galleries and museums in France, England, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the US. TMC craftsmen combines seasoned foundry men with creative workers who blend French traditional technique with American modern technology to handle one of a kind monumental size as well as a large production run of series edition.

TMC foundry is located in the rice field country of Sainoi, Nonthaburi province, 50 mins drive from the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. Travelling to TMC is very easy, our staffs can organize the daily pick up service from city to the foundry or clients can choose to take Bangkok-Nonthaburi sky train service that extend to the station which is 15 mins away by car from the facility.

“TMC staffs devote their full attention to clients’ needs and help in the realization process of their creation.”


Journey to the future of fine art casting, TMC foundry begins to fully utilize the use of new technology by embedding the use the 3D digital modelling and printing to her production process.

TMC was established in 1992, when Mr. Sukitch Vongsingthong, a pioneering foundry guru who graduated with a degree in civil engineering and a master in business administration, left the well-known Foundry Ocean to build his own legacy with his team of seasoned craftsmen. Throughout the years of experience, Mr. Sukitch has study the industrial precision casting methods and figure out how to such process to fine art sculpture casting. The use of ceramic shell has improved the capture ability of the detail and texture create by artists hence such process greatly improve the overall quality of the casting. In comparison with the Thai traditional casting process which is widely performed among local foundry, Mr. Sukitch technique yield a much higher definition surface at the reasonable cost. With the quality casting, the number of man hour requirement for metal chasing is kept at minimal unlike the surface yield through sand casting or traditional Thai lost wax process where texture of the sculpture is duller and require long hours of intensive labor effort to putt all the detail back.

TMC began its story as a fine art foundry in a small shop house with 5 craftsmen using ceramic shell technique serving European, American sculptors and international artists. One of the most uphill challenge that tested the strength of TMC was the unimaginable task that required the foundry to deliver 20,000 bronze pieces within three months. The large batch of work has generated enough fund for TMC to move from the small work shop to the facility with 2 acres of land and 150,000 square–feet of working floor area. The foundry continues to expand rapidly to meet the increasing demand of sculptors, galleries ,museum and collectors of bronze sculptures worldwide.

With his strong believe in the casting precision of ceramic shell technique over the use of sand casting, through the years of testing and development TMC finally overcome the sizing constraint that has limited the use ceramic shell for monumental size artworks. With this in house technique, TMC is capable of casting large size ceramic shell as big as 1.5-meter height or weight more than 150 kg. This allows the sculpting detail to be fully captured without any interruption due to the less number of part joining sections, minimal welding and chasing area. On top of that, the overall production lead time is greatly reduced as well.

Today, TMC is run by his son, Mr. Karn Vongsingthong, the 2nd generation managing owner who has imprinted his father spirit, skills and believe in high quality works and efficiency. The 2nd generation has incorporated the use of new technology to improve the traditional casting process. New technology allows artists to work remotely with TMC conveniently and comfortably.

Despite the running of the new generation, Mr. Sukitch is also remain on the shop floor level working together this his original craftsmen who left to build TMC with him. His team and him is still actively supervising, teaching and passing on his experience to the blend of seasonal and young generation craftsmen. TMC family is extended to a group of more than 100 artisans that are specialized in various disciplines such as mold making, wax working, ceramic shelling, casting, metal finishing and patina. These groups of skilled craftsmen work on 6 days a week basis, Monday to Saturday to realize the world class standard artwork for artists.

Journey to the future of casting, TMC foundry begins to fully utilize the use of the digital modelling and enlargement. Despite the fact that TMC foundry has been offering the digital modelling/enlargement service via CNC-polystyrene milling for more than 8 years. Now, TMC offers the service of 3D printing parts that can be sent directly to cast. Artists can conceive and create their sculpting project using 3D sculptural software. Such file crated can be sent directly to print using the hi precision 3D printers. Then the printed parts can be spruce, ceramic shelled and then cast into metal by passing the creation of the silicone mold. This new process reduces the production time, increasing the precision and integrity of the originality of the artist creation. Also, artist can send their 3D file from anywhere in the world without any shipping cost.


“On a two acres of land, TMC is located in an area surrounded by peaceful greenery rice field. Our dedicated staffs are motivated to keep their working area neat and tidy. The organization culture of maintaining the clean shop floor help stimulating the good working atmosphere. Also, TMC office and working are fully Wi-Fi, this allow free flow of communication between our departments.”