Molding Service

Molding is the crucial part in creating a beautiful sculpture

Molding is the crucial part in creating a beautiful sculpture, TMC offers an in house department that expert in making silicone mold. Artist original models can be made from clay, plasticine, stone, wood or other sculpting materials. The outter shell of the mold are made from strong and durable material to ensure that the shape of the wax casting is stay true to the original. In case of the large items, our shell are made from strong fiberglass to minimize the weight and allow our wax team to handle the mold conveniently. Therefore the wax that has been pulled out from the mold is not distorted.

In a case where our client project is limited to very few castings, we also offer the more economical molding solution such as direct fiberglass molding where the surface of the original doesn’t have a of texture or thin rubber mold.

Metal Casting Service

Using our 3 induction furnaces, TMC casts silicon bronze (Everdur) with the composition of 95% copper + 4% silicon metal + 1% manganese, 316L stainless steel – the high rust resistance grade and aluminum.

Our pouring capacity for bronze is 500 kg per round, 300 kg for aluminum and 150 kg for stainless steel. Therefore, our pouring capacity enabling the monumental size project to be completed within a short time frame.

TMC is a predominantly ceramic shell casting foundry, therefore our clients can be assured that their sculpting detail are fully captured. Arguably, some would say that the size of ceramic shell casting is only limited to 1 meter by 1 meter to ensure the successful casting. Therefore, casting large items using lost wax casting technique would require lots of casting parts in comparison with sand casting where large items can be cast in one mold. Unlike other foundry, TMC has developed a technique that does not limit the size of shell to be only 1 m x 1 m. The largest ceramic shell that we have cast successful was roughly 150 x 150 cm in size and weight almost 300 kg of bronze. The size of the ceramic shell that we could cast is only limit to size of our lost wax/pre-heating furnace.

Packing and Crating Service

More than 98% of our works are exported, therefore we offer our clients with the packing and crating services.

Our service ensure that their valuable works will arrived on their end in a condition that could deliver directly to the displaying gallery or their end customers. With many years of experience in sculpture packing and high client retention rate, this has proven the reliability in our packing service.

Our staffs will advise, design and offer solution to the packing of each individual sculptures. In a case where large edition is ordered at the same, we can provide the individual boxing with made to fit polystyrene support. With this individual boxing, our client can use this box to distribute each edition directly to their end customers without having to do repacking on their end.

Shipping Service

TMC is working closely with several shipping firms, therefore our staffs can provide the shipping quotation to destination that our clients’ request.

We can provide advice and suggestion on how to ship your work base on the condition and constraint given such as time/dateline, economic value and level of convenient.

The most economical option is sea freight, however the order has to be a sizable one to utilize the maximum benefit. The shipping timeline by sea from Thailand to Europe and America takes around 4 – 6 weeks. Air freight could be a viable option in the case where shipping crate is not too large and not too heavy, clients can expect their goods to reach the destination airport with 3 – 5 days.

Lastly, courier service such as DHL and FedEx could be very reasonably and economical options when the shipping size is small and client would like to have works quickly. The standard door to door from the foundry to client location take around 3 – 5 days as well.

TMC is also can work collaboratively with the shipping agents that are nominated by our clients.