Digital Service

Digital Solution

TMC has established our digital studio in 2007

TMC has established our digital studio in 2007, we are the first fine art casting foundries in Asia that offers the completed digital enlargement service through the use of 3D laser scanning and CNC polystyrene milling. We also explored and utilized the Rapid Prototyping technology by providing the 3D ABS printing service for the small items through the Stratasys Dimension Elite which was the stage of the ache machine at the time. Our digital studio has completed my interesting and challenging projects for our clients over the years. In many cases, artists just came up with sketches or rough ideas – we work together with them exploring the alternatives, develop strategies to realize their project through the 3D technology.

The corporation of the 3D technology allow our clients’ project to be completed in a remarkable timeframe. Example for such case would be the completion of 25’ monumental figures that has taken only seven months from scratch to completion, three months for model building and another four months for molding to metal finishing.

Now TMC digital studio, we have three CNC 4 axis polystyrene milling machine in service together with five FDM (fuse deposition modelling) 3D printers that has the possible building area of 100 x 100 x 100 centimeters.

Digital Model Creation

TMC offers 3D model creation service

TMC offers 3D model creation service, client can supply us with the concept sketches with dimension and detail. TMC will work with the digital designer team who are very experience in model creation and have been working for many Hollywood production set in past. Client’s two-dimensional sketcher or concept will be realized into a 3D file format that can be used to manipulate in any sizes base on our client’s vision.

Digital Laser Scanning

For those artists who already have models or creations that they wish to enlarge. TMC has a highly accurate 3D laser scanning machine that can precisely capture the physical creation and translate it into the 3D file that can later to be used for resizing. This digital 3D file can also be used as the raw material for further manipulation through 3D model creation software.

Digital Enlargement and Modelling

CNC polystyrene has been a very common, competitive and economic method of enlargement. The enlarged 3D patterns/models are milled out of the high density polystyrene. These patterns are joint together and coated by sculpting wax by the seasoned in house modelling team. After the coating process, artists can easily manipulate the surface and texture by further by sculpting on this wax coating. This flexibility allows the artists to add their personal finishing touch to the enlarged pattern. This enlarged model then later sent to be molded and cast through the lost wax/ceramic shell process.

3D Print to Cast

Rather than going through the traditional process of building the model then mold and then creating the wax pattern to be shelled and cast. The use of the 3D PLA printing material allows the patterns to be printed then spruce, shelled and sent directly to be cast into metal. Our multiples FDM machines that has a building capacity of one cubic meter, this provides an immediate saving on the molding cost and shorten production. TMC has a plan to continue investing and upgrading on the fleet of our 3D printers. The estimated time saving from the 3D print to cast of the life size horse is expected to be around ½ of the time require from model creation to finished cast.